County Council Elections - Live Count Progress Screens

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DivisionCount orderCurrent statusBallot boxes at count teamBallot boxes at Blyth Sports CentreBallot boxes not yet received


D49 - Plessey1Declared - Liberal DemocratsBB162, BBPV1, BBPV2
D20 - Cramlington Eastfield2Declared - ConservativeBB059, BB060, BBPV1, BBPV2
D04 - Ashington Central3Declared - LabourBB015, BB016, BBPV1, BBPV2
D36 - Humshaugh4Declared - GreenBB100, BB101, BB102, BB103, BB104, BB105, BB106, BB107, BB108, BBPV1, BBPV2
D50 - Ponteland East & Stannington5Declared - ConservativeBB163, BB164, BB165, BBPV1, BBPV2
D02 - Amble6Declared - LabourBB007, BB008, BB009, BB010, BB011, BBPV1, BBPV2